Instantly reach millions of readers in the United States and across the world. We will publish your book to Amazon Kindle, Apple and Google Books.

how it works

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You give us your printed book or a document (word,pdf)

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We create the ebook, design the cover, do the layout, typesetting and formatting. Alternatively, you can bring your own design.

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Together, we review the ebook. You can see it on an e-reader and ask for edits. We test on physical devices and multiple models.

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publish and sell online

We handle getting approval from Apple, Amazon and Google (2-15 days). We'll then publish the ebook to the stores.


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Authors keep

100% of sale proceeds

Your proceeds are sales revenue minus transaction and platform fees for Amazon, Apple and Google. Those fees start at 30 percent. We will help you optimize your earnings, so you can keep as much as possible.

You can bring your own book design. If you don't have one already, we offer barebone prices to help you publish your e-book. We charge an hourly rate for all design work, which includes creating the book in a dedicated format for each platform, designing the cover's artwork and testing on physical devices.

Authors also get

ad spend from the Community Fund

Getting the e-book published and into "the cloud" is half the work. You still need advertising money to reach a “wider audience”. If eligibility criteria is met, authors can opt-in to receive an advertising budget from the Community Fund, it is the equivalent of a VC fund, but for books and authors. The goal is to give authors the leg-up that they need to make their work visible.

In exchange, if sales proceeds reach $25,000, 5 percent on further proceeds goes back to the community fund to support future authors. For more details on how this works, click here .

Authors get paid,

Everyone gets a free e-book

Authors send us an existing book or a draft of their new one. Using financial support and coordination with foundations or art patrons, we negotiate a large, one-time payment with the author. We then make the book available for free and offset the cost to the author per download (until the pre-payment value is reached). The e-book will be available for free on the book stores for a limited duration.

We give preferences to books with themes related to art, social justice, science, education, kids books, racial justice, women's rights and civic books that have positive impact on society.

what we have to offer

Experience with ebook publishing, design, technology and digital advertising.

Access to the global publishing market and book stores, especially for writers in developping countries.

A place for foundations to support authors and a mechanism for authors to support each other.

High quality, hard work with a focus on putting authors first, social impact, inclusivity, and diversity.

Free ad spend from our budget or from the Community Fund (if selection criteria is met).

A managed crowdfunding campaign for the book (if selection criteria is met).

Free graphic design and promotional goodies.

Free website or a dedicated web page on our site (if selection criteria is met).

book scouts

Book Scouts are literary explorers who help us discover authors and books from all over the world.

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